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Unblock Torrents

Having trouble accessing torrent sites is common and everybody knows the reasons why they have kept it blocked in many regions of the world. However, we believe that internet is supposed to be a free place and users from around the world must have access to everything they want. It is unfair if users in a specific location are unable to access certain torrents sites, whereas other users from other regions are freely using it without any problem at all.

So, to make our wish come true, here you will find all the tricks and tips to unblock any of your torrent sites from any region of the world without any hassle. Just choose the site you want to access from below and learn how you can easily get the torrents unblocked using the best VPN from our list!

Unblock KickAss Torrents

Unblock ExtraTorrent

Unblock The PirateBay

Unblock isoHunt

Unblock Torrentz

Unblock PopCorn Time