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Unblock KickassTorrents

Can’t access KickassTorrents’ website? Looking for the best unblocking solution? Well, this guide will help you. By the time you reach the end, you’ll be an expert on how to “Unblock KickassTorrents” and other websites.


Why is KickassTorrents Blocked?

KickassTorrents has been taken down more times than we can count, but it somehow manages to spring back to life. KickasTorrents is completely banned in the UK. Different web browsers, including Firefox and Safari have also restricted the use of KickassTorrents. Firefox stated that the site contains harmful programz and malware.

This is the reason why when you open KickassTorrents on Firefox, it displays you this message: Unwanted Software/Malware. Since the portal is open for everyone, it is very easy to upload infected audio or video files on the website.

The best solution to avoid such problem is a strong anti-virus program.

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How to Unblock KickassTorrents from Anywhere?

The best way to bypass restrictions is through a VPN. A VPN can change your location by simply replacing your IP with one of its own. That way, you can easily access KickassTorrents without any restrictions. So, get a KickassTorrents VPN right away.

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Checkout our top VPN picks to unblock KickassTorrents. We have critically judged, analyzed and tested their services and found them up to the mark.


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