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Unblock isoHunt

Is isoHunt blocked in your country, office or school? Worry no more! A torrent VPN will help you unblock isoHunt from anywhere in the world. A torrent VPN will not only help you bypass restrictions, it will also help you surf the internet anonymously. Read below for more details.


Why is isoHunt Blocked?

isoHunt was launched in 2003 and after 3 months of operations, the site was closed in 2003 following complaints from copyright trolls. However, that same year, was reborn with the same content as the original site.

Portugal has completely blocked the access to isoHunt according to an agreement between the ministry of Culture and the Association of Telecommunications Operators.

isoHunt is completely banned in the UK following a court order by the MPAA (Motion Pictures Association of America).

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How to Unblock isoHunt From Anywhere? 

Torrent users can easily unblock isoHunt from anywhere with a torrent VPN. There’re 3 simple steps to unblock isoHunt, follow them and unblock any torrent website you want.

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Connect to a country server where isoHunt is accessible like the Netherlands or Sweden.

Type in the web address and start downloading torrent files.

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