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Unblock ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is blocked by many ISPs in the UK and quite a few other regions of the world. If you are unable to access, we have a simple trick for you. Just keep reading and at the end you will be an expert on how to unblock ExtraTorrent from anywhere in the world.


Why Is ExtraTorrent Blocked?

ISPs began blocking torrent sites and other file-sharing services because of the pressure exerted by copyright trolls. ExtraTorrent is completely banned in the UK and India due to this very reason.

ExtraTorrent contains 60% music files compare to movies and TV shows. The major reason for blocking ExtraTorrent in the UK and India is pornographic content. ISPs of the UK and India are monitoring closely the use of torrent websites and keep blocking them. In India alone 2100 torrent websites were blocked in 2015.

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How to Unblock ExtraTorrent from Anywhere?

A VPN routes all your internet traffic through a secure server. VPN is typically used to privately browse the web, for online security and safety, especially on public Wi-Fi. But it’s a perfect workaround to unblock geo-restricted websites.

When you connect to a VPN, your original IP is replaced with one of VPN provider’s IP. That way, not even your ISP can see anything you do online. And, to the website you are actually online from the location where VPN server is located.

There are tons of free and paid VPN services available in the market. Just remember, “FREE VPN” doesn’t guarantee your online security. Plus, free VPN is slow and drop connectivity within every few minutes.

From dozens of options, we have analyzed selected VPN providers based on their performance and key features. After critical examination, we have hand-picked 2 best VPNs. The list of best Torrent VPNs is below:


Rank Providers Servers Bandwidth Logs Money-back
More Info


550 Unlimited No 75% Off (With 7 days Money Back Guarantee)
-7.55   $2.45/moper month


200 Unlimited No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-7.96   $2.04per month


190 Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-6.01   $3.99per month


90+ Unlimited Bandwidth No 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
-5.05   $4.95per month


Why Do We Recommend PureVPN?

PureVPN was launched in 2007 with only servers in 3 countries. Now, PureVPN has the biggest VPN network in the world with highly-optimized servers in 140+ countries. PureVPN impresses the outset with its comprehensive and detailed website, incredible features, and brilliant offerings.

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When it comes to P2P file-sharing and downloading, PureVPN has dedicated servers in Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia and many others. PureVPN promises to offer the fastest speed without compromising your online security. When we test PureVPN services, we found that PureVPN 100% fulfilled its promise.

We highly recommend PureVPN to unblock ExtraTorrent and other torrent websites.

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