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PureVPN Review 2018 | Freedom. Security. Privacy

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PureVPN Intro

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) has come a long way in establishing itself as a phenomenon. In this age, privacy-conscious netizens can’t help but appreciate the invaluable contribution it has made in their lives. There are only a few VPN service providers that can claim to remain true to their practices, Pure VPN leads all the way when it comes to keeping the user’s privacy and integrity intact.

For today’s internet users, freedom and convenience are the two of the most important factors that influence their conscious. Since the inception in 2007, in Hong Kong, Pure VPN has successfully delivered what it has promised to its customers.

“We promise to deliver freedom, security and unparalleled privacy. And, we promise that we will never betray you by compromising on our promise.”

The fact that Hong Kong has no data retention laws in place, you don’t have to worry about any governmental control or third-party surveillance on your online activities.

With more than 2000 active servers available in 180+ locations worldwide, PureVPN has a truly global presence. All these servers are optimized and strategically placed in locations to help you gain speedy access to the internet while browsing. It not only protects your identity online by using latest encryption technology, but also helps you with safeguarding your anonymity online, while providing you with the ease to get access to restricted online content.

The service gets full marks for its clear design, navigation and user-friendly features. Once you become a premium user of Pure VPN, you are eligible to get incredible features including – malware protection, split tunneling, dedicated IPs, instant internet kill switch, and 256-bit encryption.

Speed, reliability, and usability when taken into account, the service scores higher than most of its competitors. Keeping up with the pace of changing technological landscape, Pure VPN has evolved into a top-tier VPN service that people can trust.

Before we delve deeper into a detailed review of the service, let’s first mention about what VPN really is and how it works?

What is a VPN

What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that helps users remain anonymous throughout their online journey. It does this by creating a virtual tunnel for your data to pass from one destination (a user’s system) to another destination (a server). Once the data leaves the user’s system and enters the tunnel, it is encrypted so that no one can able to breach the data. It all comes down to the combination of anonymous IPs and advanced 256-bit encryption that secures your precious data from the prying eyes of surveillance agencies and hackers alike.

Persistent online threats have given rise to the usage of VPN. Then there are malware attacks that you need to protect yourself against. And with recent legal developments – where governments have come up with data retention laws in Australia, the US, UK and more recently the EU, you have to be really conscious about the privacy and security of your personal data, your credit card information online, and the choices of online channels that you want to browse on your system.

With all threats looming, a VPN is your perfect buddy that will not only protect your identity but also keep it anonymous so that your data is out of the reach of evil clutches.

PureVPN Pros and Cons


Being an avid VPN user, I must admit that Pure VPN is one of the best, if not the best service providers in the industry.  When it comes to pros and cons of the service, the pros outnumber their opposite.

  • Offers three pricing plans, with the best one starting at $2.49 per month. It is by far the lowest amongst the top-tier VPN service providers
  • More than 2000 active VPN servers in 180+ locations and cities across six continents, from Asia to Africa
  • 300,000 anonymous IP addresses are available
  • Five multi-logins from a single account. You can log into five different platforms using one Pure VPN account
  • Supports multiple security protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP/IPSec, IKEv2, and OpenVPN
  • Smart add-ons for DDoS protection, Dedicated IPs, NAT Firewall are also available. These add-ons are meant to expand on functionality and user protection
  • Provides advanced cyber security solutions to cope up with intrusion detection (IDS/IPS), malware protection, ad-blocker, website filtering
  • Pure VPN is compatible with multiple devices and routers ranging from Android, iOS, consoles, PCs, Xbox, Raspberry Pi, and Kodi etc.
  • Easy-to-understand setup tutorials for each and every device and router are available in the support center knowledge base
  • Optimized servers available for P2P file sharing and streaming online content


With so many advantages, there are bound to be some cons as well. Two of the most evident disadvantages that I have experienced include:

  • No free trial available. All you can do is to get a 3-day premium account and try it out
  • There is already a strict refund policy in place. It’s better to read Pure VPN’s Refund Policy, before making any decision

Does PureVPN Really Keep Logs

Is PureVPN Really Keep Logs?

One of the biggest concerns that VPN users face today, links to their privacy while browsing the internet to access any web content that is blocked in the countries where they live. There are many online programs that are only accessible in the United States or United Kingdom. Most of the aspirant users, tend to use a VPN for unblocking a restricted website.

Another reason why the demand for VPN has surged in the recent times, links to the practice of P2P file sharing. Now, there are only a handful of VPN services that support P2P file sharing mechanism. With a VPN providing complete anonymity and secure streaming experience, people are encouraged to use a VPN for this purpose as well.

As far as the practice of keeping users’ logs is concerned, Pure VPN has a crystal clear policy in place. It states that:

“We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.”

This particular statement highlights the fact that Pure VPN practices zero-tolerance when it comes to keeping records of users’ logs. In fact, Pure VPN’s Privacy Policy starts with a line that says: “You are Invisible – Even We Cannot See What You Do Online.” This statement instills an undeniable feeling of trust among the VPN users. You are completely anonymous with Pure VPN when you go online.

As compared to the privacy policies of other VPN service providers, Pure VPN has a transparent policy in place. It’s really a masterstroke from one of the best VPN service providers in the world. As a matter of fact, Pure VPN is one of the most reliable VPN services in the world today.

Now with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in place in the European Union, Pure VPN has updated the privacy policy for the users. The guidelines provided in the privacy policy fall in full compliance with the GDPR provisions. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Your data is safe and sound.

If you are living in a European Union Member State(s), you can exercise your right to be forgotten at any time and opt out of our marketing emails’ list. Also, you can contact with the customer support and ask them to delete any of your data or information related to your profile.

What information does the firm keep then? Well, only the connection logs and the location. The connection logs help identify the IP address you are using while accessing online content. The connection logs don’t contain actual IP address.

This data is stored only to provide users with improved services, and solving technical problems that the users face frequently, while maintaining an open communication channel for user voice. The user feedback provides the organization with an insight into what people need.

Moreover, Pure VPN is not bothered about your online activities after you have subscribed to the service. Therefore, you can put your trust in Pure VPN and use it for any purpose you want.

PureVPN Refund Policy

PureVPN’s Refund Policy

Convenience is one of the most important aspect that entices people to purchase a product or a service. What if you are not convinced after you have made the purchase? That’s where a Refund Policy comes into play. Refund policy is an important document that most of the users tend to ignore. Whenever you decide purchase any product or service, you must read the refund policy so that if you are not satisfied with the company’s service, then you must ask for a refund. It’s all about a user’s convenience.

PureVPN has got the most user-friendly refund policy in place. If you have experienced any issue with PureVPN service, you are entitled to go for the refund. But before making any decision to take back your money, do give a good thorough read to the Refund Policy of the organization.

For the new users, PureVPN offers a 3-day trial account. If you are using this particular account, you are not eligible for a refund in any case. Your requests for refund will not be entertained.

For the regular users, Pure VPN has a 31-day refund policy in place. Once you have subscribed to Pure VPN regular account, but you are not satisfied with the service, you can ask for a refund, after 31 days only.

It is worthy to note that PureVPN offers a number of payment methods for its users. But the fact is that not all payment methods offer a refund. Therefore, it’s your duty to check your payment method, before you opt to subscribe for the service. If you have selected a payment method that does not offer a refund, you won’t get one. So be careful with your choice.

For more information about PureVPN Refund Policy, you must navigate to the page and read it thoroughly to avoid any inconvenience.

Pricing and Plans:

As stated above, PureVPN offers one of the best and most affordable pricing plans within the industry where there exists a fierce competition when it comes to pricing. There are not one, but three pricing plans for users to select from. The three pricing plans offer one-month subscription, 12-month subscription, and 24-subscription for the users respectively. I advise you to opt for the one that offers that best fits your needs. Let us check out all the pricing plans one by one:

Price And Plan

  • One-month Subscription Plan: This particular subscription plan is available for $10.95 only. It lasts for one month only. If you subscribe for this plan, you won’t get any discounts
  • 12-month Subscription Plan: If you subscribe for an annual plan, then you have to pay $4.14 per month only. You are entitled to get a 62% discount with this particular package. This package is for budget-conscious users
  • 24-month Subscription Plan: The two-year plan is available for $2.48 per month only. On this particular package, you are entitled to save a wholesome 77% of your bucks for lifetime. This is the Anniversary Offer from PureVPN.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Keeping in view the convenience of the users, PureVPN offers multiple payment methods. You can use your credit card to make your payment. If you are a Pay Pal user, you can also pay your dues via your Pay Pal account.

Apart from credit card and Pay Pal, there are other payment methods you can use to make your payments with ease. You can use CashU, Mercardo Pago, AliPay, Todito Cash, Webmoney, Dotpay, PaySafeCard, Mol Points, Yandex, Ukash, iDeal, Giropay, Qiwi, Necard, NeoSurf, and MyCard Wallet for this purpose.

Before subscribing for the service, I advise you to read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.       

PureVPN Features (including-Ozone-&-Gravity)

Features (including Ozone & Gravity):

We are done with the pricing packages and payment options. It’s time to elaborate about some of the salient features of one of the most reliable VPN service in the world – Pure VPN.

The feature-rich VPN service has got its users covered in all the aspects related to functionality and security. Let’s check out the features.

Server Network

Pure VPN enjoys a global presence. It has a huge network of active servers, strategically placed in important location around the world. Precisely, there are more than 2000 reliable servers in 180+ cities across six continents. All of these servers are optimized for speed, performance and security. With a huge server network, PureVPN enjoys a competitive advantage over its competitors.

More server count means that with PureVPN, you can easily get access to any of the servers available nearest to your home country, and unblock any restricted online content you want from anywhere  at any time, while remaining completely anonymous and secured over the internet.

Unlimited Server Switch

Unlimited server switching is one of the best features that PureVPN offers to the users. In fact, PureVPN stands out amongst all the VPN service providers for this particular feature.

Once you get PureVPN’s premium subscription, you automatically get access to any of the servers of your choice, irrespective of your location. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the speed or performance of your selected server, you can switch to another server – as many times as you like – to get the optimum speed while browsing online.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth is one of the most important aspects that users look for when they decide to purchase a VPN service. PureVPN provides its users with unlimited bandwidth – owing to being a premium service after all and that too at an affordable price.

When you choose to download any file from the internet or you want to stream your favorite online program, this is where the bandwidth usage comes into play. It is a fact that both streaming and downloading activities consume a lot of bandwidth. When it comes to bandwidth usage, there’s no better choice than PureVPN. It is one of the promises that the organization proudly delivers without any fail.

Split Tunneling

It is one of the best features available with PureVPN subscription. It was the first VPNs to come up with this feature. Split Tunneling helps you split the internet traffic that you want to go through the VPN and the traffic that goes through normal ISP.

Online gamers and streamers can use this split tunneling feature to their advantage. For instance, if you want to unblock any web content and simultaneously want to access an FTP website that does not require a VPN, you can use split tunneling feature to open the restricted website, and access the FTP website via a normal ISP.

Universal Accessibility

One of the most important reasons why users worldwide subscribe to a VPN service relates to unblocking restricted websites in their home country. When it comes to uninterrupted access and unblocking websites, PureVPN stands apart from the competitors.

PureVPN offers universal accessibility to all its users, residing in any country on the face of Planet Earth. With PureVPN, you can unblock and access a large number of websites that are primarily restricted in countries under the influence of legal or governmental policies.

I was really surprised to note with PureVPN, I can unblock top streaming websites in the US and the UK – including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, SkyGo, BT, etc. while remaining in my home country.

Multiple Logins

Most of the VPN service providers give their users three multi-logins facility. PureVPN takes the edge here by providing five multiple logins to its users. It means that with a single PureVPN account, users can log in to five different devices or platforms. This feature helps them to save their costs. I can safely say that PureVPN is more cost-effective than its competitors.

Internet Kill Switch (IKS)

Most of the leading VPN services offer Internet Kill Switch (IKS) feature. PureVPN is no exception. With IKS feature available with PureVPN, users can maintain their anonymity and privacy over the internet. The IKS feature comes into play when an internet user experiences a drop in connection, thereby leaving him/her exposed and vulnerable to the ISP. The IKS shuts down all VPN activities, once the connection is dropped.  By using IKS feature, users can remain anonymous at all times, hence securing their privacy and integrity online.

The Ozone (Advanced Features)

There are some advanced cybersecurity features available with all PureVPN packages that set the service apart from all the other VPN service providers. The Ozone is a set of features that maximize your online security against potential cyber threats. With Ozone features, PureVPN has introduced parental control, thus keeping children’s behavior in check. The Ozone comes as an add-on for maximizing your cybersecurity. Hence, you will have to pay a price to get this add-on.  It’s better to discuss each of these features briefly.


Malware is infected a large number of devices, with the numbers continuously rising. There are actually more websites today that attack a user’s device with malware. This issue has really taken the cybersecurity industry by storm.

To address malware issues, PureVPN offers advanced cyber security features in Ozone add-on. The add-on offers server-level protection against malware attacks and other cybersecurity threats. Unlike traditional antiviruses that identify device and remove device bugs, PureVPN’s antimalware feature shields the device right from the time, the device is connected to the system or platform. The antimalware thwarts any application or a website to send any dubious malware from affecting the device. Consequently, you can now browse the internet without any device hiccups.


Your privacy is important. And your online privacy is all the more sacred. You won’t compromise on your privacy, and hence will take every measure to counter intruders. The Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Protection System (IDS / IPS) is a feature that helps secure your privacy against the intruders. PureVPN gets full credit for introducing this particular feature for the benefit of its users.

URL Filtering

If you are a parent, then you will love to have a PureVPN account. The premium VPN service provides URL Filtering feature, thereby helping you exercise parental control and keep a check on your children’s online activities. With this feature, parents are able to block any explicit web content that they deem to be inappropriate for their children. Once you navigate to URL Filtering Settings, a new window opens up, giving you further options to block or unblock certain categories.

This particular feature is also helpful for organizations where employee productivity is an issue. To keep a check on employee productivity, the management of the organization can use URL Filtering feature to block irrelevant websites that negatively affect an employees’ productivity, including social media websites, Facebook or YouTube.

Content Filtering

Irrelevant advertisements and ad popups tend to ruin your browsing experience. No one can deny this fact. There are some advertisements that can lead a user to scam websites. PureVPN has got you covered with a purposeful ad-blocker. This Content Filtering feature works at the server level to ensure that your concentration is not diverted by unwarranted advertisements. This particular feature blocks ads to help you get the best browsing experience. The Content Filtering feature also works fittingly well to protect your devices.

App Blocking

With the App Blocking feature, users can block any application with low privacy standards. It means that by using this feature, you can prevent any low-quality application from accessing the internet from your device or system.


Gravity is an exclusive, stand-alone DNS service of PureVPN. It protects users against unprecedented malware attacks, viruses and other potential security breaches, even if you are not connected to PureVPN. To use this service, you have to enable it first. It requires you to share your IP address. Gravity does not use your username or password. It only uses the IP address. This reiterates PureVPN’s statement that they don’t keep any records of an individual user’s online browsing activities.

Security Features

All the best VPN services provide users with ultimate online security. PureVPN takes pride in the fact that it offers some military-grade security features to the users. Apart from unblocking websites, encryption is also an important aspect that users need to keep in focus when buying a VPN service. One of the basic tasks of a VPN is to protect the internet traffic that transmits to and from a device that is being used by the VPN user. Let us briefly discuss the security features in brief.


A VPN not only unblocks a restricted website, but also encrypts a user’s data thereby protecting the information transmitted to and from the user device to the destination server. Users can select 128-bit encryption or 256-bit encryption or even higher level of encryption as per their needs. But the fact remains that with the higher level of encryption, the speed of the internet connection drops down.

PureVPN offers its users with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption. It is by far the most efficient encryption technology. Hence, you are rest assured that even the smallest bite of your data is secured against unauthorized data access and intrusion.

Multiple Protocols

Encryption and security protocols go hand in hand. There are many security protocols that popular VPN services offer. PureVPN, being the top-tier VPN, has covered this base also. When you subscribe to PureVPN account, you get multiple security protocols. PureVPN supports Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP), Internet Security Protocol (IPSec), Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) Protocol, and OpenVPN Protocol.

PPTP is the fastest security protocol as it provides 128-bit encryption. This protocol is for the users who prefer speed over security. If you are an online gamer or a streamer, then this security protocol is the best choice for you.

IKEv2 is by far the strongest security protocol supported by PureVPN. With high level of encryption, the users’ data remains safe. Do remember that higher level of encryption tends to slow down the speed of internet. There is a chance that VPN users won’t like this particular security protocol.

In order to keep the right balance between speed and security, using OpenVPN is the best option for the users. PureVPN supports OpenVPN. There are comprehensive set-up guides available in the Support Center knowledge base. I advise you to read these guides to get full understanding of the security protocols and how they actually work.

If you are not so tech-savvy, you can use automatic protocol feature. Opting to use this feature means that the VPN will select the best suitable security protocol for the internet user.

NAT Firewall

If you want an additional layer of security in order to protect your identity and assets online, the Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewall does the perfect job for you. It provides users with optimum security against malicious online traffic, data breaches, and unauthorized connections. PureVPN also provides the NAT Firewall as an add-on

Although, individual users can also use NAT Firewall add-on for their advantage, this feature is actually best suited for corporate organizations, where the important data needs to be protected against targeted data breaches and OS leaks. Organizations can use this add-on to protect their sensitive data devices. This particular add-on is available in three packages, including, a monthly package, an annual package, and a 24-month package.

DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is one of the most common issues faced by the internet users at large, be it an individual user, or a well-established business – every entity is vulnerable to frequent DDoS attacks. This particular attack tends to ruin your browsing experience. It also affects the community of online gamers.

Don’t worry though. Pure VPN offers an excellent DDoS protection add-on to safeguard your identity and data over the internet. The add-on is available in three price packages. You can choose any price plan that deems affordable for you.

PureVPN Logs Policy (Updated-Privacy-Policy)

Logs Policy (Updated Privacy Policy):

In this digital age, the importance of Privacy Policy cannot be overemphasized. PureVPN, being one of the best VPN service providers has updated its Privacy Policy in wake of the changes that have occurred due to the implementation of data retention laws in Australia, United States, and General Data Retention Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union Member States.

PureVPN maintains a comprehensive Privacy Policy that provides users with useful guidelines about their own privacy rights and what data the organization collects, and how it uses the collected data. The Privacy Policy document clearly states that:

We DO NOT keep any record of your browsing activities, connection logs, records of the VPN IPs assigned to you, your original IPs, your connection time, the history of your browsing, the sites you visited, your outgoing traffic, the content or data you accessed, or the DNS queries generated by you.

This particular statement instills a sense of trust amongst the users. That is why, PureVPN has an ever-expanding customer base of loyal users.

PureVPN only keeps record of connection logs. The connection logs include your designated IP address and your location. Apart from this, we use some third party websites and platforms for the purpose correspondence with our customers. The sole purpose of collaborating with third-party websites is to ensure smooth delivery of service and timely resolution of complaints. The third-party platforms that we use include:

Zendesk: We use Zendesk for correspondence with our customer via Support Tickets

LiveChat: We use LiveChat for communicating with customers on chats

MailChimp and SendGrid: We use MailChimp and SendGrid for correspondence with our users via emails

MixPanel: We use MixPanel for the purpose of Customer Relationship Management


PureVPN uses different cookies (small text files) to monitor a user’s visit to our website. We do this to provide you with the best possible user experience and to deliver advertisements about new updates within the service or the product. To get more information about cookies, you must visit Pure VPN Cookies Policy page.

GDPR and Data Retention

PureVPN has headquarter in Hong Kong, a country where there are no explicit data retention laws in place. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security and privacy of your online data.

In compliance with the GDPR provisions, PureVPN has updates its privacy policy. Hence, if you are living in a European Union Member State(s), you can exercise your right to be forgotten at any time and opt out of our marketing emails’ list. Also, you can contact with the customer support and ask them to delete any of your data or information related to your profile.


Customer Support is the backbone of any online business. In fact it has become an integral part of the business strategy of leading organizations in the world today. An efficient customer support team goes a long way in establishing the authenticity of the business and its goals.

Likewise, PureVPN has at its disposal, a dedicated team of professional individuals, who are ever ready to help customers out round the clock throughout the year. A huge satisfied customer base is the real testimony to fact that PureVPN cares about its esteemed users.

With a solid yet diversified infrastructure in place, the PureVPN support system comprises of four pillars: LiveChat, Support Ticket, FAQs, and Support Center. Let us describe each one of these pillars briefly.


PureVPN is one of only a few VPN service providers that have got a proper LiveChat System in place. It works 24/7/365, i.e. round the clock, throughout the year to provide customers with utmost convenience and support. Hence, if you have come up with an issue in the VPN service, you can readily catch up with any support agent anytime from any location on Earth. Your concerns will be listened and solved by the professional support agents working at the organization.

I was really surprised to see that my own query was addressed within minutes. I duly appreciated the prompt response from the support agent. There wasn’t any delay. PureVPN actually is concerned about the convenience of its valued clients and their customer support team is always eager to solve your complaints as soon as possible.

There are some queries related to users’ account management. You must understand that such queries require more time to get addressed. Hence, if you have a VPN account related query, then you must be ready to wait for some time, before your query is taken up for consideration.

The PureVPN Customer Support System works smoothly. First of all, you have to decide if you have support query or a pre-sales query. Once you click on the Start Chat button, you are instantly connected to a live chat support agent.

Support Ticket

If you don’t want to consume your time over a live chat, you can also use the Support Ticket System. You will not be disappointed. Pure VPN Support Ticket System remains active throughout the year, and you can open up a ticket, detailing your technical issues, or billing issues, any time of the day. The working mechanism of Support Ticket System is same as that of the LiveChat System.

Once you have opened a Support Ticket, your request gets immediate attention of the Customer Support Team. The issues mentioned in the ticket are resolved diligently without fail. If you are short on time, you can take advantage of the Support Ticket System.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just like other top class businesses, PureVPN maintains a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. You can find answers to all your queries on this particular page. Whether you want to know about if PureVPN supports your device or router, you can simply navigate to the FAQs section and get the relevant answer there.

Support Center

PureVPN’s Support Center is another source of information for the users. Whether you are a new user, or an experienced one, and you want to know about setting up PureVPN on your device, you can check out the setup guide for this purpose. The Support Center contains a comprehensive knowledge base about the setup guides, use cases, billing information and much more.

Website (with-multilingual-support)

Website (with multilingual support)

As I have mentioned above, PureVPN gets full marks for navigation, design, user-friendliness, and responsiveness of the website. The interface is quite clear. The navigation is smooth. All the web pages are readily accessible from the Homepage. The website provides users with all the relevant information about organization’s journey, services offered, new updates, and what to expect in future.

It is a fact that the internet users don’t like slow websites. On average, a website that takes more than two seconds to load is considered a slow website. PureVPN on the other hand loads pretty quickly, defeating the two-second barrier. Skimmers can take the advantage here.

When it comes to responsiveness, you can browse the PureVPN website on any platform or smartphone.

One of the advantages of PureVPN website is that it supports multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic and more. So if you are living in France, you can browse the website in your own language. That’s really cool.

PureVPN also maintains a blog, frequently publishing relevant articles, news, interviews, guides, updates etc. It’s a good source of information on what’s trending in the VPN industry. The blog is also responsive, hence you can access it on any of your devices at any time anywhere.       


Apps (with Screen Shots)

Being a popular VPN service with global presence, Pure VPN has got dedicated applications for each of the major operating systems available, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. The VPN application is highly compatible with all of the devices and platforms as well.

Here, I will briefly describe each application for your convenience. Let’s start with the Windows app.  


First in the list is PureVPN Windows app. It is one of the best apps for Windows users. The app supports all the versions of Windows OS, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 10. Although, Windows 10 is known to be vulnerable to security threats, but with PureVPN, you get the best user experience on your system, with complete anonymity and security. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. You can use PureVPN on Windows 10 without any fear.

You can download PureVPN Windows app from the Download Page. You can also setup PureVPN on Windows manually. For this you have to go to the Support Center to access the setup guide on how to install PureVPN on Windows Manually. The setup guide contains each and every detail regarding the installation.


Mac users, PureVPN has got you covered as well. The VPN service offers an exclusive app for Mac systems. Once you get the app for Mac, you can easily access restricted content and enjoy online streaming on your system. You can use PureVPN’s 5-multi-logins feature to your advantage, by logging into five different devices with one PureVPN account.

This app also protects your Mac system from unwarranted cyber threats, using highly sophisticated encryption, coupled with powerful security protocols, thus making you anonymous and secure at the same time.

The PureVPN app for Mac also offers you with a dedicated IP. It means that you have greater control on what you want to browse online. You have to select a dedicated IP via an add-on.

You can download PureVPN app for latest Mac OS from the Download Page. Otherwise, if you want to setup PureVPN on your Mac system manually, you can visit the Support Center to read about the Mac setup guides. The setup guides for both old and new versions of Mac OS are available.


The Android users can also use PureVPN Android app to browse internet on their smartphones and Android supported devices. While testing the PureVPN android app, I, myself, experienced 99.9% uptime, which is again a testimony to the popularity of this particular app. In fact, PureVPN has got all the android users covered with a user-friendly app. You will not be disappointed.

If you want to download PureVPN Android App, you can do so from the Download Page. If you want to setup PureVPN manually on your Android smartphone, then you have to visit the Support Center. In the Support Center, you can select and read PureVPN Android App Manual Setup guide.

With PureVPN Android App, you get all the goodness of unlimited bandwidth, along with the freedom to unblock and access a large number of restricted websites, right from your home. Literally, you don’t have to go anywhere else. It’s all on your fingertips. Just install PureVPN Android app, and you are good to go. The military-grade encryption ensures that all your Android data remains secure and safe against cyber threats.


Just like other Operating Systems, PureVPN has a stand-alone iOS app for the iOS users. If you are an iOS user, you can easily use PureVPN iOS app for live streaming and unblocking your preferred websites. The iOS app also offers Ozone advanced security features, thus protecting your iOS smartphone against malware attacks and other unprecedented cyber-attacks.

You can also use Content Filtering and URL Filtering features to enhance your control on web browsing. With a sleek design and user-friendly navigation, it provides the smoothest internet browsing experience to the iOS users, while ensuring complete anonymity and safety online.

If you want to download PureVPN iOS app, you can go to Download Page. If you want to setup iOS app manually, then you have to check out the Support Center where the manual setup guide for iOS device is available.


PureVPN does have an exclusive Linux app for Linux users. It comes packed with all the features that the service offers. In fact Linux users can experience smooth online experience while browsing or accessing region-locked web content on their systems. The PureVPN Linux app works fittingly well, providing up to 99.9% uptime.

The PureVPN Linux app also supports all the major security protocols including PPTP, SSTP/IPSec, L2TP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. With 128-bit and 256-bit encryption available you can feel safe and secure whenever you go online. The Linux app also features 128-bit Blowfish encryption, to provide users with advanced security over the internet.

PureVPN offers Linux VPN setup guides for Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, and CentOS systems. To get more information about these setup guides, you can visit the Support Center Page.

PureVPN Extension

PureVPN Extension (with Screen Shots):

One of the reasons why I like PureVPN relates to the fact that it provides exclusive extensions and add-ons for browsers. Once the add-on or an extension is installed on your system, it just requires a single click to explore the online world. PureVPN offers powerful yet user-friendly extensions for browsers including, Google Chrome and Firefox. The Kodi add-on is also available within PureVPN app. If you use an Android TV or a Firestick TV, PureVPN has got you covered as well with Android TV VPN and Firestick TV VPN. There is also a DDWRT Applet available, if you use a DD-WRT router.

Now, I will describe each extension and add-on briefly.

Chrome Extension

For Chrome users, PureVPN has a Chrome Extension. Once it is activated, you can have access any blocked website from any corner of the world. It works really fine on desktop systems. The PureVPN Chrome Extension is available for free. But the fact is that the free version has some limitations, such as you can’t see all locations where PureVPN servers are located.

Don’t worry though. There is a paid Chrome Extension as well. With this paid version, you can access 25 VPN servers which are optimized for performance and speed. Hence, you can enjoy seamless browsing experience from any location.

If you are a Windows Desktop user, you can use your same credentials to access websites via Chrome Extension. Another advantage of using paid Chrome Extension is that you can access Netflix and Hulu right on your system. The PureVPN Chrome Extension also offers WebRTC leak protection. That’s really nice.

Firefox Extension

If you use Firefox as your browser, PureVPN offers you a robust, reliable, and user-friendly Firefox Extension. You might think that number of users with Chrome Extension is far greater than the ones who use Firefox Extension. But the fact is that both of these extensions work fittingly well when connectivity, speed, load time are taken into consideration.

Just like Chrome Extension, Firefox Extension has a free and paid versions for VPN users. The fact is that both extensions work efficiently on any system or platform of your choice. There is no difference in functionality as well. You can download Firefox Extension from Firefox add-on store.

Kodi Add-on

Kodi is one of the most popular online entertainment platform. It has a rich repository of add-ons which users can use to stream their favorite programs, movies, and sports matches on their systems. There are a large number of Kodi add-ons, which users can install from respective repository.

Keeping in view the interests of online streamers, who want complete anonymity and security online, PureVPN has come with an exclusive Kodi Add-on. Once installed, you just need a single click to unleash the boundless world of online entertainment. The Pure VPN Kodi add-on also helps you access restricted entertainment websites to give the ultimate online streaming experience.

Android TV VPN

For Android TV users, PureVPN offers an excellent Android TV VPN giving them complete safety and security while watching their favorite programs. The Android TV VPN is compatible with all the versions of Android OS. If you want to download Android TV VPN app, you must navigate to the Support Center Page and follow the guidelines.

Firestick TV VPN

The Firestick TV users can also use PureVPN app to enjoy flawless online streaming. There is a dedicated setup guide available in the Support Center. If you want to install the Firestick app, you can refer to the knowledge base and get all the information. The PureVPN Firestick TV VPN works fittingly well with the device.

DDWRT Applet

If you use a DD-WRT router, PureVPN offers you a comprehensive DDWRT Applet guide on how to install it. If you want to check it out, visit PureVPN Support Center Page. The DD-WRT Applet offered by PureVPN is compatible with all the latest versions of the DD-WRT routers.

Setup Process

When it comes to setting up PureVPN on any of your platforms or devices, you need to follow some steps that I will mention below for your convenience. But remember, before setting up PureVPN software or application, you need to subscribe for PureVPN account. You have to visit the Order Page. You can select any one of the price packages that suits you the best. Once you have subscribed for PureVPN, you will receive your credentials via an email. When the installation is complete, you will use these credentials to get started.

Let’s check out the complete setup process:

  1. Go to Download Page and download PureVPN application for your preferred device
  2. Once downloaded, you have to install the VPN app on your system or platform via the .exe file
  3. Run VPN application. Use your PureVPN credentials that you have received via an email
  4. Once active, you can see the PureVPN Dashboard. It’s very easy to use
  5. From the panel on the left-hand side, you can select the VPN mode as per your needs. You can choose any one from ‘Stream’, ‘Internet Freedom’, ‘Security / Privacy’, or ‘File Sharing’ options
  6. Once you have selected the VPN mode, you can select the location of your choice from where you want to access any blocked website. Remember, PureVPN has 2000+ active servers in 180+ location across the world. If you can’t find your desired location, you can search it in the search bar
  7. Once you have selected the location, click on it. You will be immediately connected to the VPN server available in that location
  8. If you want to check performance and speed of your VPN connection, click on the Show Graph button available within the application

You have successfully installed PureVPN on your desired system or platform. Now, you are good to go.



The popularity of top-tier VPNs is often judged on the basis of performance and speed. When it comes to performance, PureVPN leads all the rest, thus enjoying a competitive advantage over its competitors. As far as the speed is concerned, the PureVPN website loads within two seconds, thus passing both the tests convincingly and with flying colors. At times, some of the servers performed below par, but overall, the performance of the VPN service is quite satisfactory.

Despite the fact that PureVPN offers add-ons and extensions, but these don’t any negative impact on the speed or performance of the service. Now, that’s a really good sign for a top-tier VPN service like PureVPN. Kudos to them for both speed and performance.


Downloading torrents is one of the most popular hobbies of online streaming enthusiasts. Torrenting involves Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing mechanism. There are only a handful of VPN service providers that support P2P file sharing. PureVPN is one of them. PureVPN users are extremely lucky in this case.

With PureVPN, you can download torrent files of your favorite movies, games, software, or anything you want, with complete anonymity and security. Yes, that’s right. PureVPN protects your Torrenting activities so that no one can breach into your personal online space. Thanks to high-quality encryption and security protocols in place.

You can use PureVPN for excellent Torrenting experience. Another fact is that with PureVPN, you can get maximum downloading and uploading speed. That’s an added advantage for torrent lovers.

PureVPN offers a P2P file sharing add-on that secures your downloaded files from any threats and viruses. With unlimited bandwidth, you can download as many torrent files as you may like by using PureVPN P2P file sharing add-on.


Online streaming services have changed the very concept of entertainment. There are a large number of online streaming platforms available now, where you can access and watch your favorite programs, movies, sports games, and much more. There is just no limit to the number of online streaming channels you can access on your PCs and smartphones.

There are many online streaming channels that are only accessible in certain countries. If you want to access these streaming channels, you will have to use a VPN. Well, PureVPN has got you covered in this regard as well.

PureVPN is optimized for online streaming. With PureVPN active, you can enjoy smooth streaming experience while watching your favorite programs on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Meanwhile, you watch, PureVPN shields your system from unwarranted online security threats.


Netflix is a popular streaming service that offers a great collection of video content to its users. Most of the users love to watch programs on US Netflix and UK Netflix service. Before using Netflix, do remember that it has got a paid subscription. Keep in mind that Netflix does not support VPN services anymore.

If you are living outside US or UK, you can’t simply access US or UK Netflix content. For this reason, you might need a VPN. This is where PureVPN comes into play. With PureVPN, you can unlock and access any of your favorite Netflix programs with ease and watch them with complete security, convenience, and peace of mind. Thank you, PureVPN.

PureVPN Compatibility

Compatibility (Router + Consoles)

When it comes to compatibility, PureVPN never disappoints. In fact the VPN service is highly compatible with all major platforms, devices, routers, and consoles. There are a specific setup guides available for each type of router and consoles available in the Support Center Page. It’s like everything is available under one roof. The Support Center offer comprehensive setup guides for all routers, consoles and devices.


PureVPN works fittingly well with consoles, including Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It’s time for a brief description of how PureVPN protects your consoles.

PureVPN on Xbox 360 / Xbox One

Xbox One is a popular gaming console that requires a VPN when, users want to download online games. While downloading games, your Xbox One or Xbox 360 can become vulnerable to DDoS attacks. That’s cumbersome for gamers. In order to protect your console, you need to have a VPN. PureVPN comes to the rescue here.

Although, you cannot download PureVPN directly on your console, you can still set it up via a router. Therefore, you can first configure PureVPN on your router, and then connect the router to your console. There are specific setup guides available on the Support Center Page. You can visit that page and learn more about setting up VPN on your router via different methods.

You can also run PureVPN on Xbox One and Xbox 360 by connecting your router to Windows or Mac system. With PureVPN active on your console, you can also download your favorite movies and binge-watch them with complete online security.

PureVPN on PS3 / PS4

PureVPN supports PS3 and PS4 consoles without fail. It is one of the most reliable VPN for consoles, as it protects them from all potential online security threats. Just like other console users, the PS3 and PS4 users tend to face DDoS frequently. PureVPN can surely help these users secure their consoles against such attacks and other online threats.

You can setup PureVPN on PS3 or PS4 console via the router. First you have to configure PureVPN on your router, then you have to connect the router to your console. You can also connect the configured router to your Windows or Mac system.

If you want to setup PureVPN on the latest versions of PS3 and PS4, you can visit the Support Center Page and read set up guides to get complete information about how to configure a VPN on router.

PureVPN on Routers

PureVPN offers great compatibility for different routers. PureVPN has another advantage. It offers a pre-configured router for its users, called a Flash Router.

If you visit the Support Center, you can find comprehensive setup guides for some of the most popular routers, including, DD-WRT router, Tomato router, D-Link router, Belkin router, TP-Link router, MikroTik router, Asus router, DrayTek router, and many more. Do remember that you can configure PureVPN on routers that offer PPTP and OpenVPN security protocols.

In order to check complete setup guides on how to setup VPN on routers, you must visit the Support Center Page.


Pure VPN ticks all the boxes. Global presence, military-grade security, ultimate privacy, convenience, user-friendliness, uninterrupted access to online entertainment and content, high-level encryption, dedicated customer support, robust and agile systems, trusted and ever-increasing customer base, you name any, Pure VPN has got all the bases covered.

The success story – that is built on transparent agile systems, robust customer support, and user-centric mission – continues to this day. Pure VPN has made tremendous strides in providing ultimate online security, with users’ privacy at the core of the working philosophy.

The final verdict: Pure VPN is here to stay with a bright future ahead.