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US Government Labels the Wrong ‘Putlocker’ as a Pirate Site

Published 29 December 2016 By: Stephanie Kevin

When we talk about findings made by a Government agency, we know for sure that accuracy is at its finest. Ah, not the case with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative who administered some serious errors.

Putlocker receives millions of unique visitors annually, making it the most preferred video streaming site for countless individuals. Earlier in 2016, the site disappeared, causing puzzling queries from numerous individuals across the globe. However, after several weeks it eventually made a comeback on a new domain,

Being one of the most prominent “pirate sites” on the web, Putlocker was recently put on the annual list of ‘notorious markets’ by the (USTR) U.S. Trade Representative. Really, the U.S. Government listed an irrelevant domain with a similar but different name,

The USTR writes that ‘The operator of Putlocker is believed to be based in Vietnam and appears to be taking actions to evade enforcement measures.’

Earlier in 2016, Putlocker jumped its domains from the country code top-level domain of Iceland (.is) to Switzerland (.ch) and started using reverse proxy services to conceal the location of its hosting provider.”

Due to the immense amount of traffic on, the USTR included it in their notorious markets review. Putlocker is not the only unusual domain in the “notorious market” review. The USTR report has also listed several domain names that are no longer effective.

It seems that the recent report by USTR has been simply a copy and paste of URLs from previous year’s report. Many of the URLs mentioned have been redirected to new domain names with uniform text.

This is by all means a careless move by the Government and aims to pressure foreign governments to amend local laws regarding such websites. Given this pressure, you have to safeguard your privacy and stay away from the mess by using a VPN, which makes you anonymous on the web along with encrypting your entire traffic.

Stephanie Kevin

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