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TV Shows that Will Make You into a Better Entrepreneur

Published 19 October 2016 By: Stephanie Kevin

There are some people that leave no opportunity to criticize people who watch a lot of TV shows, but what they do not realize is that they themselves are missing out on a lot.

Shows like Breaking Bad teach audiences how to cook crystal meth like a pro, obviously giving one the unique opportunity to explore new horizons (sarcasm intended). Perhaps, the example was uncalled for and a bit of a stretch, but there are shows out there that have much to offer, especially for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Keeping this in mind, here are a couple of TV shows that will essentially aid individuals in becoming better entrepreneurs, and here’s how:

The Profit

The show is hosted by Marcus Lemonis, who is not only honest but quite rational to say the least. Each episode follows Marcus as he goes around aiding struggling businesses to turn the odds in their favor.

How to Watch The Profit

The Profit will more specifically cater to those who are starting a new venture. Additionally, it will teach business owners to come out on top, regardless of what may be headed their way. Also, it teaches the importance of thinking outside the box rather than solely relying on conventional ways to overcome obstacles.

Men Who Built America

If you are an entrepreneur, and you have not watched Men Who Built America, you need to go it watch it now on Amazon Prime.

How to watch Men Who Built America

The show focuses on industrialists and revolutionaries who had a big hand in shaping ‘the land of the free’. This show highlights people like Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Bill Gates, all the while providing valuable insights.

Men Who Built America is perfect for entrepreneurs who lack motivation. It goes without saying that learning more about previously successful individuals does provide inspiration unlike any other.

Silicon Valley

Even though the Silicon Valley is more or less a comedy show, it does have a lot of insights on how startups actually work in places like Silicon Valley.

The show revolves around different entrepreneurs, from the likes of nerds to crazy millionaires. It explicitly details how different entrepreneurs think, and how they operate their businesses.

how to watch silicon valley from anywhere

As for how this show is beneficial, it serves to be a great source of information for people working on a startup, or planning to move to Silicon Valley.

As can be seen above, watching TV can be productive. The next time someone tells you otherwise, ask them to watch the aforementioned shows. Or you could use what you have learnt from these shows for your own business to make it successful and profitable beyond measure.

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