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Torrentors Can Now Stream Movies Extremely Easily, Thanks To a New Browser Plug-in

Published 20 May 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

Now you can download and stream the video torrents with just one click right from within your browser. Torrent time – the latest trend – has come up with a simple solution for every torrentor in the world. They are fairly new to the industry, but popular torrent sites have already adapted their plug-in. Torrent users can stream movies and videos while downloading by adding the plug-in offered by Torrent Time. Wait! What about anonymity? Well, a VPN is always there to help.

Heard about Torrent Time?

Torrent time has debuted recently and is offering an embedded torrent client, through which users can watch videos, TV shows, movies or any other content inside torrent. Just a click and the video will start streaming and downloading simultaneously. So, the need to install a separate torrent client no longer applies. Just install the plug-in and everything will be taken care of automatically.


Torrent Sites are already using the Plug-in

Some of the most popular torrent sites are already using the services offered by Torrent Time and have added the plug-in. By embedding this plug-in, torrentors can watch videos and TV shows directly. Several leading torrent websites are providing the option to download or stream it. Just click on “stream it” and your browser will start playing the movie. No need to download the torrent to watch.

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A Revolution in Torrent

Torrent Time is supporting the cause of watching movies online for free. The new feature is that it saves time. According to Torrent Time:

“Our launch attracts so much attention that we work around the clock, both to handle the requests to be embedded on so many torrent sites and answering questions. We are certain that in no time we’ll be embedded in all torrent sites who care to move on with this evolution. We will allow everybody to watch any movie they wish from torrent sites who embed us, when they want, without having to store someone’s file on their hard disk.”

Is there a need of VPN?

The new plug-in allows you to access any video and stream it while downloading. The adaption of Torrent Sites will allow the users to watch content, videos, TV shows and movies as well. However, this will not keep you safe. To do so, you need a VPN to change your IP address and remain anonymous while viewing the content. At Torrent Time, a warning appears that your IP address is exposed. Also, a suggestion to use VPN is also there. So, to keep yourself anonymous while using Torrent Time, use a VPN. Here’s a list of finest VPN service providers that you can pick from:

Rank Providers Servers Bandwidth Logs Money-back
More Info


550 Unlimited No 75% Off (With 7 days Money Back Guarantee)
-7.55   $2.45/moper month


200 Unlimited No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-7.96   $2.04per month


190 Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-6.01   $3.99per month

Torrent Time is just another way to allow users to watch content that’s not easily accessible and has seen some early adopters. To keep yourself secure, empower your streaming with a VPN.

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