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Swedish Police Want to Punish File Sharers – Got a VPN?

Published 27 May 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

If you’re living in Sweden and using P2P file sharing online, boy, are you in trouble! Although Bahnhof, the biggest ISP in Sweden, has declined to release any logs of subscribers, the decision is likely to go to court and we all know how that goes. The ISP is unlikely to win the case and it is likely that people will end up in jail? Not the life you planned for yourself, right?

In real terms, Swedish people and their basic constitutional rights are under threat. According to the ISP, 27.5% of online requests were related to online file-sharing.

Bahnhof ISP stands up for users’ rights and privacy. The company has a free VPN for its users but as it is known, a free VPN is highly vulnerable to hand over users’ data due to inadequate resources to fight the court system.

Reddit, skyrocketed over the weekend with millions of users concerned about their freedom and privacy in terms of P2P file sharing, continually highlighting that getting a VPN is a must!

A good example of the scenario is court cases in Singapore and Australia regarding producers of Dallas Buyers Club film right holders, who obtained online data and identified “infringing” IP addresses – taking ISPs to court to pressure them into revealing the true identity of people behind those IP address holders. Scary, we know!

What’s the solution for Sweden and other users?

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