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Suicide Squad Torrent Download

Published 1 August 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

Based on a comic book series, Suicide Squad received immediate recognition after the release of its first trailer. The movie immediately caught attention of the masses because it presented something different from other comic book movies.

Suicide Squad Torrent Download

The best part, however, is that it’s not based on boring super-hero characters. Turning the tables, the most scintillating and ruthless super villains take over the screen in a movie full of hardcore comedy and action.

How to Download Suicide Squad?

If you are in search of an action-packed comic-book movie full of filthy one-liners, then “The Suicide Squad” is the one to watch. And if the huge theatre screens, full of an irritating audience don’t interest you then you can always watch it at home by torrenting it. The Suicide Squad is leaked on Pirate Bay, Kickass and other torrent sites. You can easily search it and torrent it anonymously without being caught by a DMCA notice.

If you are unable to access any of the torrent websites mentioned above, a VPN can always help you bypass geo-restrictions safely and anonymously. A list of best VPN providers has been compiled for you. Check the list below:

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Stick with these simple steps and you can watch “Suicide Squad” in no time.

Step # 1: Get a VPN subscription

Step # 2: Download VPN client on your device or set it up manually

Step # 3: Connect the VPN and download BitTorrent Client (Like uTorrent) on your device

Step # 4: Go to any listed torrent website and download the torrent

Step # 5: Start downloading the torrent file

Watch the trailer here:


After releasing some of the best superhero movies, the makers of Batman and Superman have decided to bring in something new and more entertaining for the audience. What they thought of is to create a new super villain movie full of some of the best and ruthless comedy we’ve ever seen. The success of “Deadpool” also reinforced their desire to create Suicide Squad. Let’s see if the Suicide Squad succeeds in entertaining the audience the way it promises.

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