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Safe and Legal Torrenting Tips

Published 30 August 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

Torrenting is the process where data can be exchanged through P2P applications. Torrenting is widely done, with over 30 million BitTorrent active users at any given time. However, torrenting is one thing that lives in the shadows.

Legal tips for torrenting

Torrenting allows you to have access to all sorts of files from around the globe. The main essence of torrenting is to download any material that you need. However, torrenting websites have recently come under severe scrutiny with major websites such as and Kickasstorrents being shut down due to concerns of copyright infringements. This certainly means that those involved in torrenting are viewed as outlaws.

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With that being said, torrenting leaves your online presence vulnerable to agencies who routinely involve themselves into targeting individuals who torrent. Here are some safety tips which will keep your online presence safe:

  1. Protect Your Device – Viruses are present all over the internet. You should download torrents only from sources you trust. Download an antivirus and make sure to keep in on and updated at all times.
  2. Use Trusted BitTorrent – Use a renowned torrent downloader as they are free from viruses and do not infect your system. Some torrent clients might work in the background and gain access to files stored on your system.
  3. Use Private Torrenting Websites – Experts highly recommend using a private torrenting website. Such hubs have increased security and they are generally on an invite-only basis. The sign up process ensures the authenticity of an individual as they have to contribute seeds on the website. For those who don’t contribute are then removed. However, it doesn’t guarantee your anonymity.
  4. Give Back – The torrent community keeps the torrents alive. Millions of people seed files each day which are then downloaded by millions of torrentors.
  5. Communicate with Torrentors – Reach out to other torrentors and build a bond with them. By communicating, torrentors are likely to advise you and guide you through the process of safely torrenting online.
  6. Use a VPN – Get a VPN and eradicate any chances of having your online presence vulnerable. The best VPN for torrenting is PureVPN. With PureVPN, your online presence is anonymous through a network of servers and IPs that come with AES 256-bit military-grade encryption – allowing you to download torrents at rapid speeds.

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