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Putlocker Blocked Throughout the UK

Published 31 May 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

Putlocker along with several other free video streaming sites have been banned throughout the UK. The move was made by ISPs following a court order. Users reported that Putlocker along with several other popular streaming sites have been inaccessible for quite some time now. However, the reason was unknown before.

A high court gave this order due to the fact that the MPA (Motion Picture Association of America) which represents Hollywood studios had put forward a complaint arguing that such sites breached copyrights of their members by hosting their content without authorization. Keeping this in mind, it seems as though the MPA will continue using this argument to deal with sites that promote and facilitate downloading content.


ISPs including Sky and Media have been asked to block such sites and it seems as though the era of free video streaming is at an end in the UK, at least for now. On the other hand, even though users acknowledge that using such sites is frowned upon, it has still not stopped them from complaining about it.

ISPs have not commented on the matter, neither has Putlocker provided any information when reached for a comment.  Fortunately, users in the UK can still gain access to Putlocker and other similar streaming sites in the region with the help of VPN services. Moreover, they can use VPN services freely without having to worry about being monitored or tracked. However, if you are new to VPNs and do not know where to start, the following list consists of the best VPN services out there:

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