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KickAss Torrents Makes a Comeback Almost Immediately

KickAss Torrents’ users were taken by surprise when they realized the site was taken down for good. But that is not all; the founder of the site too was arrested. Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland, and charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and copyright infringement.     KickAss Torrents first went live back […]

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PureVPN’s Updated Apps Are Out Now!

We’ve just heard that the guys at PureVPN have revamped their flagship app on all major platforms. The latest versions come loaded with new and very interesting app features. To expand their already big market base, they’ve added support for four RTL languages, including Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Spanish. Users can download or update the […]

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Star Trek Beyond Torrent Download

The original series Star Trek dates back to 1979, which was a massive success as it was amongst the few sci-fi films on the market. Due to the immense success of the movie, it transformed into a franchise and sequels were made over the following years, which also made millions worldwide. The “Reboots” of the […]

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The Purge 2 Torrent Download

‘The Purge: Election Year’ Takes its Violence to the Streets The Purge has come a long way since it was first released in 2013. The movie was a surprise hit, which led to a sequel being released the next year, referred to as The Purge: Anarchy. Interestingly, the sequel too did rather well which has […]

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Adventure Movies for Kids to Watch & How to Torrent Them

Adventure Movies for Kids to Watch & How to Torrent Them One of the most popular uses of the internet in the world of today is to watch movies. Be it you, your friends, your family or your kids, almost everyone uses the internet to watch the latest and greatest in the world of entertainment […]

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PureVPN summer sale 2016 by torrentsvpn
The hottest summer discount: Save $180 with PureVPN

Attention VPN users, PureVPN is offering unbeatable discount. Now you can save $180 and here’s how. With every subscription of PureVPN’s annual account, you get an extra year’s subscription completely free. Not only that, all subscribers will also get the always-in-demand NAT Firewall add-on completely free for 2 years. The NAT firewall add-on (protects you […]

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5 Tips Every Torrent User Must Know

5 Tips to Help Every Torrent User Torrentors are exceeding in numbers and no matter how convincing and attractive the substitutes are – it’s quite difficult to catch the eyes of those in love with torrenting. But are they really enjoying their experience with different torrent sites? No, and the reason is increasing number of […]

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Best Cheap VPNs for 2017

With countless VPN providers offering their services, for an average person it can get all muddled up. Each VPN provider claims to be the best of the best. Price wars are common with VPN providers who leave no margin to entice people into acquiring their services. Does that mean a cheap VPN service won’t be […]

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Top 5 popular most tv shows available on torrents
Top 5 most popular TV Series That Are Also Available on Torrents

When it comes to TV shows, people are either watching them online or downloading them in order to create their own collection that can be revisited later. However, there are those who find it a lot easier to torrent their favorite TV shows instead. It is not only convenient, but users do not have to […]

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10 Most Terrifying Horror Movies of the Past 10 Years

The horror genre of movies is a hotbed for creative filmmakers, largely because of their relatively miniscule budgets and the potential to apply loads of creative imagination to the plot. However, this is also the reason why most movies in this genre are crap and definitely not worth watching. We’re now 15 years into the […]

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