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Most Popular Torrent Websites on the Internet

Published 13 April 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

P2P file-sharing and downloading are the new forbidden fruits. Hundreds of torrent websites get blocked on a daily basis and are made to face legal charges. At the same time, hundreds of new torrent websites pop-uo on the internet with every passing day.

Torrenters are usually habitual and stick to one website only. But when their favorite site disappears, they are left with no alternate but to hop over to the next available one. Apparently, most torrenters are happy as long as they are getting their desired torrents from one website.

KickassTorrents still remains the most visited torrent website by far. ThePirateBay is listed as the second most visited torrent website and has made a huge comeback after nearly two months of downtime. Torrentz and ExtraTorrent occupy the third and fourth positions respectively.

Here’s a comprehensive list of 45 torrent websites that you can visit to download your desired movie, TV show, song, game or software.


Top 45 Most Popular Torrent Websites on the Internet

  1. KickassTorrents
  2. ThePirateBay
  3. Torrentz
  4. ExtraTorrent
  5. YiffyTorrents
  6. BitSnoop
  7. SumoTorrent
  8. TorrentsDownload
  9. EZTV
  10. RarBG
  11. 1137x
  12. TorrentHound
  13. Fenopy
  14. TorrentReactor
  15. YTS
  16. se
  17. Iptorrents
  18. TorrentR
  19. Torrentleech
  20. H33t
  21. Torrentproject
  22. Yourbittorent
  23. Asiatorrents
  24. Btdigg
  25. cd
  26. Broadcasthe
  27. Revolutiontt
  28. Mininova
  29. Bt-chat
  30. Sceneaccess
  31. Torrentus
  32. Anonamouse
  33. Popcorn Times
  34. cab
  35. Mamega
  36. TranceTraffic
  37. Bitmetv
  38. Blackcats
  39. com
  40. Ozo
  41. com
  42. com
  43. to
  44. cc
  45. ws

Most of these websites are blocked in many regions of the world, especially the UK, India and Pacific Asia. To unblock your favorite torrent website, you can use a torrent VPN. We have analyzed over a dozen VPN providers and found 2 VPNs best suited for torrents. Here’s the list of our recommended Torrent VPNs.

  • PureVPN
  • Ivacy



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