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KickassTorrents’s Own Movie Ripping Group Makes a Comeback

Published 6 January 2017 By: Frank Caffrey

KickassTorrents is undoubtedly one of the world’s most visited websites for torrenting. KickassTorrents recently made a comeback website, If you’ve visited the new website, you must have noticed that the majority of the torrents are from KATRG –  KickassTorrents’s own movie ripping group.

The Launch of KATRG

After the shutdown of the most popular ripping group – YIFY/YTS, the KickassTorrents community announced the launch of KATRG. Over the years, YIFY/YTS gained a strong infamy reputation for the reason that the group brought out latest movies which were released in excellent video and sound quality and then compressed them within a file size of 1000 MB.

If you’re a torrent lover, we’re certain you have utilized YIFY/YTS due to the low space requirement along with the best video and sound quality entertainment right on your device. KickassTorrents is stepping up the torrent game and is yet to reach the popularity it previously had. Although it must be noted that KATRG is not the primary source of torrents being uploaded on the new website.

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With the demise of YIFY/YTS, the torrent community has been longing for a solid entity which could possibly bring forward new good quality releases to torrentors. However, with KATRG back in the game, the torrent community can expect to have a good year of torrenting.

Concerns about Torrenting Remains Same – Are We Safe While Torrenting?

With that being said, one should always resort to secure measures when torrenting files from a torrent website. This is due to the fact that your IP might get leaked, potentially landing you in trouble with the law enforcement agencies or copyright trolls. Moreover, those who cannot access torrent websites can always trust a safe and reliable VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and torrent securely without worrying about being snooped onto.

When choosing a VPN provider, go for a one which has the highest number of servers across the globe. This is due to the fact that when hundreds and thousands of users are connected to the same server, you might face slow speeds. Also, opt for a VPN which provides end-to-end encryption, meaning from the sender to the receiver and vice versa.

Torrent securely and anonymously with a VPN and evade any and all censorship’s in your region.

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