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KickAss Torrents Makes a Comeback Almost Immediately

Published 21 July 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

KickAss Torrents’ users were taken by surprise when they realized the site was taken down for good. But that is not all; the founder of the site too was arrested. Artem Vaulin, was arrested in Poland, and charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and copyright infringement.




KickAss Torrents first went live back in 2008, and it has come a long way since then. In fact, it proved to be even more popular than The Pirate Bay.

Even though KickAss Torrents was portrayed to be out for the count, the site seems to have made a comeback almost immediately. However, the site has a new domain:




Seeing how many were displeased that the site was taken down, many have gladly accepted the new domain with open arms. But then again, nothing can be said for certain about whether or not the site is an alternative or a mirror.

Regardless of whether the site is a mirror or not, it maintains KickAss Torrents’ original theme and layout, which means users will use and share it like they did before. What’s interesting is that seeing how KickAss Torrents is one of the world’s most popular websites, ranking under the top 70 websites to be more precise, there is no way it could be laid to rest for good.




It is important to note that the new domain is active, but KickAss Torrents is inaccessible at times, which is most probably due to a high amount of traffic, or due to the fact that there are a few glitches that need to be taken care of.

However, if you still unable to access KickAss Torrents, here are a couple of the best VPNs for you to take advantage of, in case the site is blocked in your region:

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