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Is Torrenting Safe? Is It Illegal? Will I Get Caught?

Published 9 December 2016 By: Stephanie Kevin

While debating torrenting, the most commonly asked questions include: is torrenting safe, is torrenting illegal, is torrenting legal, will I get caught while torrenting? All these questions are frequently reflected upon by many netizens. This post will try to answer these questions and highlight ways through which torrentors can safely torrent while being anonymous on the web.

There are numerous torrent clients through which you can torrent files online such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, Vuze amongst various others. The very first torrent client, BitTorrent, allows you to download large files with the easy-to-use BitTorrent client and enjoy torrenting at fast speeds, a simple interface, powerful options and much more. The popular Peer-to-Peer file sharing client in the world grants you the ability to download files from anywhere.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

The majority of copyright owners believe that downloading content is a violation of copyrights rights laws and is illegal. They believe that torrenting equals illegally acquired content. The central point of torrenting, however, is to get a share content without any questions.

When we talk about not paying for something and getting it, it apparently becomes a violation of standard transaction practice. As long as the file you are downloading is copyrighted, and you don’t own it, then downloading it (for free) via torrent is illegal. However, this varies from case to case as in many countries, since basic universal laws against property theft are widely applicable and differentiate from country to country.

For example, if a music video is copyrighted and you don’t own it, you cannot download it legally. This is because it is a copyrighted item and requires the mutual consent along with the purchase of an item to make it completely legal. The same concept goes for any movie, song, game, images or any other thing you find on the torrenting website.

Is Torrenting Safe?

Torrenting is a grave offense in some countries with stringent laws against torrenting. However, prosecution of torrent users has been infrequent and requires a lot of hassle to get a hold of a single torrentor. This laidback attitude of regulatory bodies is enjoyed by many torrentors.

The chances of a torrentor getting caught and going to a court and having to pay for a settlement are still there and the penalties are extremely high. Regulatory bodies do catch one or two torrentors to scare the public regarding the illegal downloading of torrents. However, direct lawsuits are much less common these days, but that doesn’t stop the agencies from campaigning against torrenting.

With that being said, regulatory bodies are continuously prying on internet users’ activities. This apparently means that your internet movements are under surveillance at all times. A person who is torrenting files online will be red flagged in the database and will be put under observation. Continually torrenting without privacy tools can potentially result in the user being issued a fine or their IP being leaked – leaving room for potential lawsuits and hack attacks.

Use a VPN When Torrenting!

When you want to torrent files or access geo-blocked torrent websites while being anonymous on the web, you must resort to privacy tools such as the use of a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is a privacy tool which secures your internet connection on public and private networks. It does so by masking your real IP and dedicates you a virtual IP of another location from its global server base.

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VPNs use encryption technologies which not only enhance, but make your internet connection bulletproof to government agencies, hackers, and other cyber criminals. VPNs also employ robust protocols such as SSTP, LT2P, IKeV2, OpenVPN and allow PPTP while making you completely anonymous on the web.

To torrent safely in 2016 requires you to have a VPN to keep your online activities private while you torrent, share files, access geo-blocked content and communicate with others.


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