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Ever Increasing Online Security Risks

Published 2 December 2016 By: Stephanie Kevin

Online related security risks have increased making the regular use of the internet a troublesome activity for some. Corporations are not new to online risks as a recent report suggests that security threats for firms in China doubled in 2016 over the last year. The ever increasing security issues are due to the cyber security loopholes and advancements in IoT.

According to a survey, from November 2015, there were an average number of 2,577 detected security incidents in China. The study covered 10,000 top executives globally with an error margin below 1 percent. Moreover, phishing has become a high risk faced by companies in China. Phishing is the activity of acquiring delicate information such as usernames, passwords, and banking details, usually for malicious reasons.

Officials at Kaspersky believe that cyber security problems for companies and governments can cause much more severe and wide-ranging loss compared to attacks that frequently target consumers. This is usually due to the sheer magnitude involved when conducting a massive attack on companies and governments, such as DDoS attacks.

Analysts consistently emphasize on creating awareness amongst Chinese firms in regards to improving their online security and investing in tools that supplement their online privacy. Online privacy has long been debated by many activists and government agencies; the only difference is that the government wants to invest in tools that extract vital user information.

Tapping into technologies that offer you online privacy and security has become of immediate importance in today’s digital era. Individuals, businesses, and governments are readily employing the use of VPN software to mask their digital footprint on the web. With hackers and snoopers at large, securing your online presence is a must with a VPN.

China is not only going through online security risks but also has strict censorship laws, which makes it harder for locals to get unrestricted access on the web. With a VPN in hand, you can bypass geo-restrictions and be completely anonymous on the internet!

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