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Cogent Blocks The Pirate Bay And Other Similar Websites!

Published 10 February 2017 By: Stephanie Kevin

There will be plenty of you who would’ve found The Pirate Bay to be offline over the past several weeks. Though the problem seemed minor at first, it soon became apparent that these temporary blocks are happening due to a major reason.

Through inquiry, torrentfreak managed to find out the reason behind these blockages. As per their research, the US-based internet backbone provider, Cogent, is behind the stoppage of traffic to The Pirate Bay and other similar websites.

The logic behind these blockages is that when an average internet user types in a domain name, a request is sent through a series of networks before it finally reaches the server of the website. However, those requests which have to pass through Cogent’s network are blocked from going ahead, because of which the website appears offline.

The issue is not limited to a single ISP and affects a small portion of users all over the world, the United States and Europe included. According to Cogent’s own backbone routing check, it applies to the company’s entire global network.

When asked about the blockage of pirating websites, representatives of Cogent refused to comment on the situation, stating that they do not communicate information with third-parties. The Pirate Bay, however, stated that the problem was indeed being caused, intentionally or unintentionally, by Cogent.

How Can You Access The Pirate Bay Despite the Blockage?

Though Cogent is trying its best to stop people from accessing The Pirate Bay and similar websites, Torrentors can easily bypass the block using a VPN service. A VPN service allows you to reroute your traffic from different points, allowing you to avoid getting trapped in blockages enforced by Cogent.

A premium VPN service is always recommended if you wish to avoid such blocks and torrent your favorite movies at the best speeds. Refer to the table below to find out which VPN service fits your needs the best.

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