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Australian Torrentors Rejoice – Enjoy 12 More Worry-Free Months of Torrenting

Published 12 April 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

It’s a much-needed sigh of relief for torrentors in Australia; after all, they don’t need to worry about a warning or a legal action against them — for at least a year.

Australians internet users were getting exhausted in search for their favorite movies and TV shows due to the lack of content availability and unfair pricing. When it was announced that the anti-piracy law is put on hold in Australia for another year, Aussies obviously rejoiced.

Millions of Australians were turning to unauthorized channels to access their favorite content and the suspension of “three strikes” will let them continue their practices, for another year at least.

There are two major anti-piracy strategies that bar users and torrentors from uploading/downloading copyrighted material. One of the laws pushes ISPs to block Pirate Bay and similar torrenting websites. The other one is the “three strikes” warning scheme that monitors the torrentors and sends them warning notices. Although the warning letters are sent by ISPs, strict legal action by the concerned authorities can be taken against a torrentor if he/she is found downloading something via torrents for a second time.

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According to ITNews, John Stanton told CommsDay summit that ISPs and copyright holders are working on a joint approach for the anti-piracy law (three-strikes law) to be suspended for another twelve months. He further told that the idea of blocking torrent sites is offered to the authorities instead of charging a downloader with a cyber crime.

Thus, Australian internet users are free to download their desired content in a trouble-free manner for another twelve months. However, if their favorite torrent sites are being blocked they will need a VPN or proxy to access those sites.

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