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Adventure Movies for Kids to Watch & How to Torrent Them

Published 29 June 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

Adventure Movies for Kids to Watch & How to Torrent Them

One of the most popular uses of the internet in the world of today is to watch movies. Be it you, your friends, your family or your kids, almost everyone uses the internet to watch the latest and greatest in the world of entertainment and movies. Keeping in mind that the summers have kicked off, here is a list of ten adventure movies that you must watch with your children this June. We have also provided a way to download these movies off popular torrent websites as well.

1) Finding Nemo

This classic adventure first hit screens in 2003 but is still one of the best movies to watch out there. The story follows an overprotective clownfish, Marlin, and his sidekick, Dory the Regal Tang, in their journey to find Marlin’s abducted son, Nemo, as their search takes them all the way to the Sydney Harbor. Watch the trailer for Finding Nemo below:

IMDB Rating 8/10

Torrent Download: Here

2) Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

This is the first of the classic series of films that have remained immensely popular over the many years since the release of the first film back in 1989. The story of the film follows Wayne Szalinski who accidentally shrinks his and his neighbors’ children down to a fourth of an inch with his electromagnetic shrinking machine leading to all sorts of problems. Watch the trailer for this classic below:

IMDB Rating: 6/10

Torrent Download: Here

3) Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone

Based on the book of the same name by the legendary author J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter series have been very popular among the masses with both fans and critics praising the movie for being the best portrayals of the novels. You can watch the trailer for the movie below:

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Torrent Download: Here

4) Toy Story

Toy Story has been one of the most successful movie franchises over the years and has brought a completely new concept to the table. The movie follows a group of toys pretending to be lifeless around human presence and coming to life when humans are not around. It is one of the best family movies out there and your kids are going to love watching it. Watch the trailer for the movie below:

IMDB Rating: 8/10

Torrent Download Link: Here

5) The Goonies

The Goonies is probably the best adventure/comedy film from the ‘80s and is suitable to watch for the whole family, including children. The movie follows a group of pre-teens who live in the fictional neighborhood of “Goon Docks” in Astoria, Oregon. In the process of saving their homes from demolition, they find a Spanish map which leads them onto an epic adventure for treasure. You can watch the trailer for The Goonies below:

IMDB Rating: 7/10

Torrent Download Link: Here

Securing Yourself While Downloading Torrents

Torrents are the new way of getting movies online and while you can download all of the latest movies along with many classics from the rapidly growing torrent network, it is no secret that downloading torrents often leads to unexpected results and leaves you and your personal information vulnerable to predators. Also, there are many torrents and torrent websites that are restricted to a certain region or country and if you are not in a supported country, you cannot download movies from torrents.

In order to solve the above mentioned problems, we recommend getting a VPN subscription to make sure that you are safe when downloading torrents. Also, a VPN subscription can mask your original IP to help you bypass the geographical restrictions set up by torrent websites to make sure that you have unrestricted access. By providing an extra layer of security on top of your existing online connection, a VPN makes sure that all of the movies on torrents are downloadable easily to your computer and will also help you stay safe from attackers.

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