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A Silly Mistake Caused the Downfall of KickassTorrents

Published 22 July 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

KickassTorrents leader, Artem Vaulin, was personally running the torrenting sites’ official Facebook page. Normally, in these circumstances, someone else is hired to do so but Vaulin took it as his own responsibility. To top it all, he was using his personal email address to access the sites’ Facebook page. Talk about being smart, eh?


How personal you ask? Vaulin used ‘’ address which was a predecessor to ‘’!

How did the mask unfold? Well, the authorities sent a warrant to Facebook regarding the site’s page from where his email was exposed which led to the US Government turning towards Apple. Vaulin had used the same email to make iTunes purchases, which essentially records your IP address for each transaction. Following, his IP addresses were then linked to his Bitcoin account.

It’s surprising how Vaulin was using just one account that too his personal email address for accessing so many services online. However, it’s no surprise how his email address got him into trouble but clearly shows he’s dimwitted.

It’s clear that Artem Vaulin was amongst many other masterminds behind the torrenting site and quite possibly the one liable for it. The site was formerly accessed through but can now be accessed through

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