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5 Tips Every Torrent User Must Know

Published 13 June 2016 By: Frank Caffrey

5 Tips to Help Every Torrent User

Torrentors are exceeding in numbers and no matter how convincing and attractive the substitutes are – it’s quite difficult to catch the eyes of those in love with torrenting. But are they really enjoying their experience with different torrent sites? No, and the reason is increasing number of threats. Torrenting isn’t a secure and effortless endeavor anymore as it used to be. Keeping the legal aspect aside, the security and anonymity of torrentors are some major concerning points. Taking precautions has become necessary for torrentors and that’s why we have compiled a list of some essential tips that can benefit torrentors in the long run. Follow these simple tips for safe torrenting experience:

Use Data Encryption

Recently, a trend started to emerge which most people refer to as encryption. Encryption boosts your security as it prevents others from reading the data you are transferring. “I just need to download movies so encryption is on no use for me” – that’s what most torrentors think, and wrongly so. The truth is that encryption prevents your ISP from reading your activities, which benefits torrentors in the short and long term. A VPN is always there to help you and guide you in how to make torrenting safer. Your ISP will keep looking for your activities but will be unable to see what you have downloaded.


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Add Security – Use a VPN

While torrenting, just remember one thing; people are keeping track on you. These may include agencies, your ISP provider, the marketing companies, etc. Now, it’s your responsibility to stay safe as you can’t blame anyone for hindering your privacy. Therefore, the gurus recommend adding layers of security while torrenting.

The best layer comes in the form of a VPN. A VPN allows you to stay safe, secure and anonymous. Geo blockings is just a term that a VPN doesn’t understand. So you can download anything you want even if it’s restricted in your country. Here’s a list of some best VPN service providers that you can choose from:

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How to Make Torrenting Faster

Most torrentors love speed and are always in search of methods that can increase torrenting speed or can make torrenting faster. Well, that’s quite simple to understand as you need to follow some effortless steps.

  • Use an internet connection that serves you with good speed.
  • Choose the best torrent client.
  • Less leech and high speed must include in the selection criteria of choosing a torrent.
  • Change the port to above 10000 instead of default 6881-6999 port.
  • Your limit for upload should not exceed 1Kbps.

Update Anti-Virus

Downloading an anti-virus is easy while getting rid of a malware attacks is hell. Prevention is always a better plan then cure. You must keep your anti-virus and software updated and this suggestion or tip will not just help you in torrenting but has a wider adaptability. While torrenting you are vulnerable to malware attacks – so to stay protected use an updated anti-virus as best torrenting is safe torrenting.

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A Seedbox Can Help

Seedboxes are one of the most favorite tools of torrentors. Now it gives you two benefits in the price of one. It does the downloading for you but it also keeps you secure by not sharing your IP address with public. Thus, tracking you becomes difficult. A point to ponder is that it enhances the speed of downloading and makes downloading exceptionally fast.

Hope these tips for torrenting safely will be beneficial for you. Use a VPN like PureVPN to make your torrenting experience smooth and exciting.

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