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Torrent VPN – Safe, Secure & Ultra-Fast Torrenting

Torrent lovers in particular and the internet population in general face many threats on the internet every day, the most threatening of which is surveillance by copyright trolls, third-party surveillance agencies, and the government itself. Plus, they have to deal with hackers, spammers, and scammers on top of keeping their system/device protected against malware, ransomware, Trojans, and viruses.

So, the question now is: should torrent or internet users stop downloading and sharing files altogether? The answer is an obvious and huge NO. There’s another way to resolve this issue and it goes by the name of ‘Torrent VPN’.
The best VPN for torrenting keeps your online identity discreet and affords you total online freedom without negatively impacting your online security. Here’re the details of the top Torrent VPNs!

Best VPN for Torrenting

Rank Providers Servers Bandwidth Logs Money-back
More Info


550 Unlimited No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-5.01   $4.99/moper month


200 Unlimited No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-8.34   $1.66per month


190 Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth No 7 Day Full Money Back Guarantee
-6.01   $3.99per month


90+ Unlimited Bandwidth No 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
-5.05   $4.95per month


How We Chose The Best VPN for Torrent?

Torrenting aka P2P file-sharing is the fastest and easiest way to share files on the internet. And because of this ease, torrenting itself and the people who use torrent software are sometimes referred to as pirates infringing upon the copyright of others. This is the reason why the legality of P2P file-sharing is challenged almost every time it’s mentioned in any context.

There’s a special blend of features required to be crowned the ‘Best Torrent VPN’, and most VPN providers did not make the cut. While hunting for great BitTorrent VPN services, we judged VPN services on the following criteria.


1. Privacy And Anonymity

This is by far the most important factor that we looked for while searching for the best Torrent VPN for you. We knew that the best Torrent VPN will not keep any logs of its users’ online activities. Furthermore, it should provide extra steps to protect its users’ online identity. We only included those VPN providers in our list that offer anonymous payment methods like BitCoin, giving an extra layer of protection to their users.

2. Security

All VPNs offer encryption, but each VPN offers a different level of encryption and data protection. We only included VPNs that offer a minimum of 128-bit encryption, and strongly favored those with 256-bit encryption. We also took connection stability into consideration. What good is a VPN service if the connection drops after short intervals? Besides causing irritation, disconnections also risk exposing your IP address! Apart from that, we also gave extra consideration to other security factors like Kill Switch, DNS and IP Leak Protection.

3. Speed

We cannot even think about missing this feature! A VPN service with slow or inconsistent speed can never be crowned the best Torrent VPN. We tested the service of dozens of VPN providers and hand-picked those that offered fast downloading speed via a good number of VPN servers in different locations.


Why Every Torrent User Needs An Anonymous VPN?

If you cannot go a day without Torrenting and do not want to show up on the radar of your ISP, government or third-party agencies, then a VPN for torrenting is a must for you. PERIOD!


There are hundreds of reasons to go for an anonymous VPN service while using BitTorrent. Some of the reasons are obvious:

Downloading Torrents Is Frowned Upon

Just remember – Downloading and sharing personal material is perfectly legal and there’s no harm in it. But many countries have passed laws banning P2P completely within their borders, and if anyone is found guilty, they are dealt with accordingly. Let’s look at such countries first before going into further details.

  • Australia – Infringement Law passed in 2014 against P2P file sharing
  • China – File sharing is completely banned
  • France – HADOPI law passed in 2009 banning the use of torrent websites in France
  • Ireland – In 2010, Irish internet provider ‘Eircom’ announced that they will cut off the broadband connection of subscribers suspected of copyright infringement on peer-to-peer file sharing networks.
  • Malaysia – In 2011, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ordered to ban some of the most-visited torrent websites like ‘The Pirate Bay’.
  • South Korea – In 2009, South Korea passed a ‘Three Strikes’ law, according to which every internet user is considered guilty of ‘Online Theft’ if he/she downloads files via P2P.
  • UK, USA and Canada have not lifted ban completely on P2P file-sharing, but it keeps a constant eye on every internet user and if anyone is found downloading illegal content via P2P, the user will face discontinuation of their internet service.

Here’re some countries which are torrent-friendly and allow internet users to download files via P2P.

  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Morocco

Hey, hey, hey! If you think you live in any torrent-friendly country and you don’t need a Torrent VPN, then you are sadly mistaken. Check out some more horrifying reasons that will make your torrent downloading a nightmare.

Online Hacks and Scams

Whenever you use a torrent client, your IP becomes visible to everyone. A hacker or scammer can easily use it to blow through your device’s security and access everything on your computer. Just imagine, your profile user ids and passwords, your emails, your financial and confidential data, your private pictures, everything can fall into wrong hands.

A torrent VPN completely replaces your IP with one of its own servers, making it nearly impossible for ISPs, governments, and hackers to track you. And, if any hacker dare tries to hack into your device, he won’t be able to do so since the VPN server will automatically thwart his attempts.

Malware and Viruses

One of the biggest risks of downloading files via P2P is malware. A VPN with extra security features can eliminate such threats to some extent. To be ranked as the best torrent VPN, a VPN service has to have built-in NAT Firewall and malware protection features to offer 100% protection.

ISP Throttling

In countries like USA, UK and Canada where P2P is not completely banned, but to minimize the use, ISPs are throttling the speed of users who actively share and download files via torrents. In such demographics, only a VPN for torrenting can help you boost the speed of your internet connection by changing your IP.


Top 10 Famous Torrent Clients

Here’s the list of some famous Torrent clients available on the internet.

    • qBittorrent – Download
    • Vuze – Download
    • Vuze Leap – Download
    • qt – Download
    • Deluge – Download
    • µTorrent – Download
    • Tribler – Download
    • Tixati – Download
    • BitComet – Download


How to Check If Your Torrent VPN is Safe?

So, you have paid for a premium VPN service? But its not the best vpn for torrenting? But how do you know if you are protected against copyright trolls? Well, there’s one simple way to check if your BitTorrent client is leaking your IP.

Step # 1 – Visit and activate Torrent Address detection.

Step # 2 – This will download a fake file on your device via magnet link. If your VPN is safe, you won’t see your original IP address. The only IP address visible to you will be of your VPN provider. But if you see your IP address, it means your BitTorrent client is leaking your IP and your VPN isn’t protected.

We have analyzed all the three VPNs that we have shortlisted for you. They are 90% secure for Torrenting. So, don’t waste further time and subscribe to one of them NOW!